Active Mind Management

We recognize the fact that very few people in today’s workforces have the skills for jobs in 2030

Consultancy Services

The participants get challenged, provoked and inspired to elevate thinking. It’s an empowering and powered thinking session.

Training Services

Our mission is to shape thoughts and rebrand minds through training and development. We believe in lifelong learning and fostering active minds for life.

Mentorship & Coaching

Mentorship and Coaching programs by Zawadi are also available to people below 21 yrs of age. We have one on one programs tailor made for the person in need.

Mentorship and Coaching

Our approach is fundamentally on changing situations and conditions by shaping thoughts and rebranding minds of individuals and players in the corporate sector.

Our Books & Publications

The Leader in You: Live, Love, Learn, Laugh and Smile

Life Beyond Embarrassment: The Psychology of Mind Rebranding

Our Art Products

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