To enhance effective and efficient use of scarce resources to satisfy the needs of our dynamic customers.


To be recognized locally and internationally as a mosaic shop of choice in delivering goods and services to people with a view of bringing art to life.


  • To provide a variety of unique merchandise and services.
  • To offer goods and services at affordable and friendly price- rates to customers.
  • To attract and retain customers.
  • To sustain the survival of the business.
  • To contribute to local and national economic growth and development by offering quality business service to society.
  • To enhance the use of efficient and reliable staff and equipments in delivering services.
  • To co-operate and establish job opportunity with leading enterprises with a view of ensuring more employment is created in the nation.
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Africa Sanaa

SANAA means to create from your heritage.Readmore


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P. O. Box 7300, 00100
Nairobi Kenya.

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