Art Life skills

Art is a fun way to learn life skills for anyone young at heart. Young and old alike, art has a way of bringing out a side of you that you have never known. Art is actually a form of play and play is work and work is creation. So it doesn’t matter what the occasion is, walk with us and find out what skills you can learn along the way. Well you never know, in the process of learning a life skill you could just make a gift for a loved one!

Skill 1: Creativity

Simply put is the art of coming up with something new. To sharpen your creative side, you have to train your brain to imagine and art is the best tool for imagination. With numerous materials and techniques, you can make just anything possible. Right from dyeing, to carving, to drawing, to knitting and many other ways, you can always find what fits you. Art and craft making is definitely a fun way of making the impossible a reality.

Guidelines to enhancing creativity

a.    Wild Choice

Choose art materials you want to use, it could be clay, paper mache, paper and crayons, sticks, leaves, sand… the list is endless. Do not limit yourself to what you have seen people do, allow your mind to go wild, anything is an art material.

b.    Independence

Now here is a key you have to embrace. Shut out of your mind the great artists you know, keep How To scripts away. Hideaway all the drawings and allow your mind to have independent fantasy and come up with an art of its own kind.

c.    Blossom where you are planted

Use things from your environment, soil, paper, an empty mach box and charred match sticks, empty juice boxes or bottles, name them. Art does not have to be complex or expensive. With this you will discover, there is no waste on earth, anything can be turned into something beautiful or useful.

d.    Everything has more than one use

Try to use your materials to make more than one item. Match sticks can make match stick people or a beautiful card, paper can be used for drawing or for making a paper house.

e.    Do art with a child

Children live in a world where everything is possible. Try working with a child, the little one will surely tickle the creative side of your brain and before you know it creativity will be flowing.

f.    Allow for mess

Be it glitter, paper mache, clay, dust or even dough. Allow your fingers to get messy and dirty too. A bit of disorder will bring in a master piece.

I hope you are getting started.


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