Africa Sanaa

SANAA means to create from your heritage in Swahili. Sanaa Africa Festival exposes a cross section of our vastly multicultural continent, through an all-encompassing, one-of-a-kind event which explores our rich African heritage from a contemporary perspective. The festival pays tribute to our continent’s eclectically talented, reactive legacy. Throughout the centuries South African (African) artists, crafters and creative people have created works that reflect the dynamic quality of South African (African) creativity.  Over the centuries these works have embodied one of humanity’s greatest achievements – fusing visual imagery with culture, spiritual beliefs, social purpose and politics. Traditionally, these works have, therefore, not only reflected great technical achievements and artistic perfection but ingenuity as well. Makers of these works gave and continue to give artistic expression to cultural, religious, social and political beliefs through a wide range of products including masks, figurines to utilitarian objects of life. The subject matter of contemporary South Africa’s (Africa’s) artists, on the otherhand, is broad and frequently focuses on visions in personal, national and pan–Africanist postcolonial identity.

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Africa Sanaa

SANAA means to create from your heritage.Readmore


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