About Us

About Us

Zawadi is a leading children Centre that trains children to explore their creativity and life skills. We train children in creativity, leadership, career and financial skills in a practical, fun and engaging way.

Zawadi believes that children should be empowered to lead their cause in life and live to their full potential. We also believe that family is a core factor in child development. A child guided and helped from home to master life skills is unstoppable. Our programs are centered around the child and family.

We offer counseling services to children and their families in areas where they may have challenges. This include play and art therapy, family therapy, one on one sessions and group counseling.

We have a fully equipped library where children can register and become members. The registered members enjoy the privilege of borrowing books and sharing what they have learnt with fellow members. We also have a wing that sells child friendly and quality story books, toys, flash cards, and handmade items at an affordable rate.

Zawadi Arts and Crafts Centre is family, come grow with us.


What People Say

“My daughter has never been this happy during her summer holiday as she was this year after spending some great and fun time at one of your programs! I appreciate what you do for the kids and for their parents who can participate!”

Alice Parker

“Thank you very much for taking care of our kids during the A to Z Leadership program. They are now waiting for the next program and are very excited about meeting their friends. Great job!”

David Mattinson

“My children are absolutely in love with the interaction and the entertainment programs that you guys offer! We would love to thank you for letting our kids spend such amazing time at your wonderful camp!”

Mary Watson

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