Founders Message

Founders Message

At Zawadi we understand that your child is priceless. We therefore tailor our programs around your unique needs as a family. We embrace the individuality of each child and family and help them grow their potential in a fun and stimulating way.

“Serving as the Pediatric Counselor at Kakuma Refugee Camp is one of the greatest gifts God gave me. It gave me a chance to interact with children from diverse backgrounds and different age sets speaking different languages. This is the time I discovered amidst the differences all children need to be heard, a safe environment, guidance, unconditional positive regard and lots of play.

I also discovered that children grow and as they do, they need critical life skills. These skills include physical skills (grooming, food preparation and keeping ones environment clean), mental and emotional (Confidence, happiness, empathy among others), social skills (Communication, etiquette, sharing). They do this seamlessly through play, art and music.

This was my eureka moment, Zawadi Arts and Crafts was born.”

Mercy Amuguni Masiga

Founding Partner

Zawadi Arts and Crafts

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