Hi, my name is Atera. Evelyn Atera though most people call me Kadi. I made 26 years a week or so ago. Bringing up my 10 kids has been a walk in the park. My African park. At times I am walking through the jagged rocks, at times the thorny thorns, at times the flat cool plains with lush green grass, at times I am swimming in the river besides tadpoles and fish and occasionally a crocodile.

I got my first set of twins when I was 18 years, well two months shy of 19. My triplets showed up when I was twenty-three and my quint’s at exactly 25 years. My first 5 share a birthday with their daddy my last 5 with me. Lucky? Maybe. At times I think I am endowed with the fertility of Africa the continent, quiet, dark and deep, mysterious. Maybe that’s why hubby has always called me my African Queen. (Well African Queen before we started dating and My African Queen later. Think of it we dated a record 24 days. Story for another day)

Here is my Family

Desi Jabali is my hubby. 2 months older than me. He works like crazy. Blessings with responsibility I tell you. Adana our first born and girl, Eden our first son both 7. We call them Ad and Ed. Fadhili, Faraja, Fanaka (Triple F). Boy girl girl, 2 years, and the 1-year old Agassi, Baraka, Cara, Dew, Ethan. Boy, boy, girl, girl, boy. Simply put, the ABCs.

I graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration from campus. Chief admin in my house, I do online writing when I can. My hobby though is story telling.

I started story telling in high school to make money for my shopping and pocket money. I loved it immensely. I now know why in Africa dinner time and after was story time. Nuggets of wisdom, culture, love, and fun were passed down each generation through stories. And stories have a way of stirring our imagination and hope, causing of eyes to light and making us live again.

I tell stories to children, 2-12 years, for now once in a while when my hands are not busy. In my house however, anytime is story time…

Welcome to my journey of self-discovery, Parenthood, joys, dreams, tears all woven in one. Welcome to my series, Land Without Snow…




land without snow
Just Jik it?
Ad and Ed were helping me clear the dining room. They may have seen me frown at the bucket of dirty bibs in the corner. It was around 1.30 pm. Lunch done, toddlers sleeping. ...
land without snow
How did you meet my dad?
Running my household? Yes. Now I sit in the study with accounts books on my table and thoughts in my mind. Ad and Ed are manageable. I wouldn’t need a help running them ...
land without snow
Family Secrets
Ad and Ed went out for dinner with daddy. It seems like Ed managed to impress daddy with his presentation skills. Well I was impressed too and guilty. Guilty that I have been ...
land without snow
I have called you by name you are mine (Isaiah 43.1)
I had never really belonged to anyone but my grandma. She also didn’t feel she belonged to anyone anyway. Through the tattered clothes and at times empty tummy I would ...
land without snow
How I became a mum
The sign in the pediatrician’s office reads, “A baby makes a mum.” This takes me back down memory lane, you see, I can’t talk of how I became a mum ...

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